Ms. Noveline Beltram, Principal
Mr. Larry Prentiss, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Julie Maliff - School Counselor

Mrs. Jane Romprey, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Deb Cunha, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 860-923-9142
Fax: 860-923-2062



         2015-2016 District Calendar

         Lunch & alternate lunch & breakfast menus

         Application for free/reduced meals

         Negative Account Balance Procedures

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         School Governance Council: What is it? What does it do? What does it require? And contacts - info flyer

         2014-2015 Systemwide Calendar

         2014-2015 District Calendar

         Thompson Public Library

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         Visitor's Policy


Connecticut Core Standards

Common Core State Standards
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         Lexia CORE 5

         Read Live

         Read a Book, Give a Book

         Dance Mat Typing

         Study Island

         Symphony Math



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         (Parents may have a hard copy of curriculums on request.)



Mary R. Fisher Elementary School Student Handbook - 2014-2015



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         "eBackPack" (formerly School Web Lockers)

         SRBI Academic Instruction Model

         MRFES PTO FaceBook

         Sign on to MRFES PTO email list

         Sheets for "PAWS FOR READING": front & back. Questions? Please field to Ms. Romprey. (updated post 10/10/14)

         Mary R. Fisher Elementary School Resource Link - Library Catalog



         Instructional Shifts: What Parents Can Do to Help their Children Learn

         Tips for Parents About Reading


Parents looking for a high-quality
early childhood education program
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Lexia CORE 5



         Mrs. Erica Connolly - Art

         Mrs. Lynne Glode - Media Center Technician

         Mrs. Carol Rossetti - Music

         Mrs. Elizabeth Ten Eyck - Physical Education


         Reading Specialist/Teacher(s) - Mrs. Donna Weaver, Mrs. Tina Chahanovich, Ms. Elaine Kompel, Ms. Barbara Macintosh

         Math/Literacy Coach - Mrs. Sandy Andersen

         Media Center Technician - Mrs. Lynne Glode

         Special Education - Mrs. Judy Fairley, Ms. Jessie Duquette and Ms. Michela Parentau

         School Psychologist - Ms. Amy Maloney

         School & Character Ed Counselor Mrs. Julie Maliff

         Speech/language (shared staff) Ms. Joy Laprade, Ms. Jennifer Stenton, Mrs. Valerie Krogul

         Occupational Therapist Mrs. Tamara Zimmer (shared staff)

         School Nurse - Ms. Kathleen Elloian



         SRBI - Scienficially Researched Based Response to Intervention.

         Extra Sheets for "Paws for Reading"

         SUCCESSMAKER Math: An individualized, computer generated program that monitors student progress on math skills.

         Students work at their own pace and are able to progress as far as they can each year.

         TITLE 1: This is a Federally sponsored program that enables the school to provide remedial tutoring in reading and math.

         Students are selected based on need. Parents are notified when their child is eligible to receive this service.

         PTO: The PTO sponsors fundraising activities as well as family fun events. The PTO helps support cultural programs and field trips. The PTO meets on the same calendar as the Board of Education. PTO meetings begin at 6:00 P.M. in the elementary school media center.

         At The Mary R. Fisher Elementary School, we respect each child as a unique individual. Our school is an environment where there is an appropriate program and place ment for each child depending on the child's needs, abilities, learning style and rate of learning. It is our commitment to receive the child, with empathy at his/her stage of development and to guide him/her through these formative years with intelligence and compassion.

We will consider the academic and physical needs and will work toward an open, relaxed and individualized learning climate where each child can progress to his/her optimum ability developing and acquiring new skills and interests necessary to becoming a life-long learner.

Finally, we believe that children learn not only through experiences but also from models with whom they live, work and play. We commit ourselves to providing opportunities for children to develop satisfying and creative ways to utilize leisure time to benefit of themselves and society. As a staff we shall work toward becoming models of self-discipline and responsibility. We believe this will help each child see the importance of these vital processes and provide the ground work for him/her to exercise these ideals throughout the formal school experience and beyond.